Extra Buttons shown in Browser in Full Screen Mode

I just realized that in Google Chrome, Version 55.16.2883.75, when you view the WebApp in full screen mode, it will show extra 2 buttons on the bottom of the screen. Please see attached screen shot.link text

This only happens in Google Chrome but not Firefox. I had also attached the test project for your perusal.

Does this also happens to your browser?

Would you by any chance have two buttons that are of view (out of the webpage) there in the IDE ?

The attached test project is created from a blank new project. So I am pretty sure that two buttons do not belongs to me.

I don’t see that with Chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit) under Windows 10.

Well. If you can reproduce the issue, I suggest you file a bug report in feedback and attach the project that exhibits the issue.

Hello Michel,

Thanks for your reply. I am still using Windows 7 32 bits. Maybe I will test on other computers with different OS to see whether can I replicate this issue.

Are there other debug-projects runnig you are connecting to? Perhaps, try to restart your Computer to check that.