External paths stored as absolute?


problem 1:

I have notice today that when I am adding external module into project (cmd+option drag)
then this module is saved using ABSOLUTE PATH of my computer.

For example: MacBook_290:PARADIGMA:?valentina_develop:?V4RB:?Examples:?shared:?wProperties.rbw

problem 2:

In some old our projects (many years), I see absolute paths to far not existing folders.
Xojo IDE finds this items somehow,
but today I have to see it finds them from totally wrong locations on disk.
I have on disk few times our GIT directory.


  • Any way to use relative paths?
  • change paths of external modules in the projects?

I have try delete and add again from correct location, and as it is shown in above, again absolute path is saved.

Thanks for any hints.
May be exists already feature request of this?

P.S. Also I wonder, how Xojo IDE is able to find external items with absolute paths saved on Mac, after we move folders (via GIT) to e.g. on Windows?

Good morning,

  1. So, I have HDD separated on 2 disks.
    MacBook_290 do have five folders - copies of our GIT.
    So I have V4RB/Examples 5 times on this disk.

XCODE + VISUAL + NETBEANS all use relative paths, so when I open project from any of this folder I do not care.

Xojo somehow finds external models from PARALLEL folder-copy. Oops.

  1. I have to think, may be I can copy V4RB/Examples to second disk, which have no any such GIT-copies.
    I have try. No success.

Even from another disk MacBook_210 , project still sees external modules on MacBook_290 disk.
In both cases: old projects which I did not touch, and new project which has new absolute paths.

I think this is a bug.

  1. I am going now go to another Mac, which will have only one copy of GIT, to see if this will helps.
    I need do changes in that external modules, fix deprecated classes.

I’ve had fun with this before, too, and was told that this is a feature and not a bug. See <https://xojo.com/issue/43547>. If you have the project as xml then you can try to fix the paths in Arbed.

this is not a bug, but a feature - known excuse :slight_smile:

If IDE finds items in totally wrong folder, in my case in Jenkins-produced, which is another Mac user,
and my user do not have permissions to save there, so I just get error CANNOT WRITE,

Even if I could save into that another folder, right now I am working in valentina_develop branch folder,
so changes must be here and only here to be saved by GIT :slight_smile:

Thank you for link to case,
I will open an issue of course there.

Another one is to remove old screen shots (not replace them, REMOVE them)… )_

Or: remove a feature because there is some trouble (after release / months / years) instead of resolving the issue.

BTW: sometimes time is short :frowning: