External objects are not handled properly in editor or debugger

I have a class that is used in two applications.
I made the class external in both projects.
When I modify the class in one project it seems like it doesn’t keep the changes to the class even if you explicitly save the project.
The debugger gets real confused too and doesn’t break on break points in the methods of external objects…
Exit the project and come back in again and no changes are there.

submitted as a bug.

I confirm that modifications to external classes and modules are not behaving as I expect.

I’m using 2013.r2 and saving as XML. I exported various classes and sub-classed controls from a project to individual XML files. I imported these files into two new separate projects. I made various changes to these classes within these 2 projects, and none of these changes have been written back to the individual files. So now I’m ending up with 3 versions of these classes. Each of the 2 new projects is keeping it’s own copy of the external files. Argh!

Can anyone recommend workarounds for this? How are people maintaining their collections of sub-classed controls? Do I really need to re-import them every time I make a change in the original? I haven’t tested this process with binary files since the projects will move to version control soon.

PS: Brian’s case is <https://xojo.com/issue/28978>

Was that ever supported? As far as I remember this wasn’t the case.

You can use your classes in 2 projects. But only one project can be open.



The issue doesn’t require the IDE to have more than one project open for it to manifest itself.
The fact that it is external seems to be the issue…

As Brian said, the changes are not written back to the original external files - period - whether you have one or multiple projects open.

Even with a single project, the changes are not saved. Additionally, subsequently re-opening a project causes the imported files to lose their small arrow icon which indicates an external item.

Sorry, I misunderstood.

As far as I remember this problem occured sporadically over the years now and then. Real/Xojo never was able to reproduce the issue. Feedback issue was closed without resolution - as usual. I’ll try to dig it out in the afternoon when I have access to Feedback.

P.S. My feedback system decided to start working properly yesterday! :slight_smile:

[quote]Summary: External Object are not handled properly in editor or debugger
Link: <https://xojo.com/issue/28978>

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I cannot reproduce what you’re claiming.

I’ve attached a sample that has 2 projects both of which refer to a common external class with a single method
If I open one project & make changes to the external item the changes are saved & present in the other project when I eventually open it.
If I have both open & editing the same method I can watch as the code is entered in both editors.

Debugging I similarly have no issues stopping on a break point in the external class.

I really need an example & some steps for this.

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Here is a video of my screen while the error is happening…

Video Screen Capture

I realize the text is a bit small but that configuration class is external.
As you can see I edit the code, build it, exit and save, come back in and my changes are lost.
I’ve submitted same video to feeback 28978.