Extension method .append flagged as deprecated

Got an old extension method

[code]Public Sub Append(Extends arr() As String, arr2() As String)
// Concatenate arr2 to arr.

if arr2 = nil then Return
Dim ub2 As Integer = UBound( arr2 )
if ub2 < 0 then return

Dim base As Integer = UBound( arr ) + 1
Redim arr( base + ub2 )

Dim index As Integer
for index = 0 to ub2
arr( base + index ) = arr2( index )

End Sub[/code]

to append one array to another. Should this method be flagged as deprecated or not? The method signature is different from a normal array.

I’ll bet it looks more for keywords than for actual context in this case… but that just a guess

yeah its got things wrong
file a bug report

Just rename it to AddRows, and you’re consistent with API 2.0, no longer using such deprecated and old-fashioned namings such as Append =P
Sorry - couldn’t resist… :wink:

I find it curious that its even flagging something that is NOT part of the framework
The compielr is doing something really wrong if it is flagging user code as deprecated this way when its not got the attributes on it