Extended Canvas IOS & OSX

Hi all,

I’m working to a extended canvas class for display vector graphics from the nice app Schwartz (shareware) link here:

I create a template for generate xojo code from a template.

Class work for IOS & OSX

You can rotate, set shadows, gradients for each elements.

You can see video here:

Don’t know if a tools can be usual for us ?

I was think the same. :slight_smile: Nevertheless it is a great achievement !

I am also unsure, but a Tool like PaintCode for Xojo would be awesome. :slight_smile:

Would you share the Template with us maybe? :slight_smile:

I am sure if you send your Template to the Schwartz Developer, he/she would add it to the next Version and so Xojo can gain even more attention in the Mac App Store. :wink: