Express HTTP Server Help Needed

Since Aloe Express (the HTTP server written in Xojo by @Tim_Dietrich) was abandoned, @DerkJ has rewritten it for API 2.0 and renamed it Express. I’ve recently started contributing to the project through a fork as I need it for an app I’m working on.

I think I’ve come across a bug in the code but I honestly don’t know enough about the HTTP lifecycle to figure out what’s going on.

If you run the multipart form project (by uncommenting the relevant line in App.RequestHandler and visit inglocalhost:8080) you’ll see this form:

If you pick a file to upload (anything should do, something small preferably) and submit it, the webpage just hangs and then times out. No matter where I set a breakpoint in Express, it never drops into the debugger. It’s like it doesn’t receive the request.

Curiously (and maybe this is unrelated) I noted that if I set a breakpoint in DemoMultipartForms.RequestProcess that is hit even as I type localhost in the browser (macOS Safari).

Can anyone help figure this out and I’d like to either fix this bug or at least improve my understanding of the code?

for more info on updates and review this code, please see the branche: “multipart-form-data”

The isse can be found here:

The request is received but not properly processed.

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Maybe @Andrew_Lambert (the original coder of the multipart code used there) can look into this?

Ummm, no I can’t seem to find any of my multipart code here.

Would you be able to just run the multipart demo in the debugger and so if any jumps out to you why it’s broken?

Oh sorry it was the httpsocket method you’ve creaded once to upload data instead.