Exporting IDE preferences?

Is it possible to export preferences for the Xojo IDE so that they can be used on another machine? I spent a fair bit of time getting colors I like on the editor, and stuff like that. I just installed another copy of Xojo on Windows. I’d love to get the same settings there, for consistency, without having to do it all manually again.

You can export/import color themes from the options window.

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wow. it’s been a long day. How did I not see that right there? But other preferences you cant… That’s ok, it gets me most of the way there. That’s the most time consuming bit.


Just copy the prefs file from one computer to the other one. I don’t know the path under Windows, but you can search for it (I bet it’s under c:\users\you\AppData somewhere).

On Windows, Xojo uses the Registry to store settings. It looks like everything’s under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Xojo\Xojo.

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If you do that on macOS you must log out and log back in because the preferences are cached. You could also copy the values with PrefsEditor from Thomas Templemann. No logging out required.

Right. Actually one reason I roll my own prefs files, in my apps, rather than using the MacOS provided mechanism, which has such limitations.
But Xojo uses it.