Export WebPage to HTML


Is there a way to export the contents of a webpage to HTML
I mean… when we run the webapp, then we see the shown page.
The contents of the final rendered page…

I’ll then convert this HTML to PDF…

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I suppose you talk about doing that on the user side, not on your own machine ?

Server side.

When a user push the pdf button, the application reads the current html rendered and save it on server folder.
Then, on server i’ll convert it to pdf and return it to the user.

That’s it!


I do not believe it is easily achievable.

What you see displayed in a web app is not a regular HTML page. An enormous deal is not contained in the page, but in the framework.

If you want the user to keep a snapshot of the app, better instruct him to save as a web page complete. It will save the framework and styles in an accompanying folder. On Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge, they can print as PDF. On Mac OS X and Windows 10 any browser can print as PDF.

What i’m really trying to do is to export any xojo webpage to PDF.

Because it’s easy to construct the webpage, but it’s hard to construct a PDF.
(i’m doing this with dynapdf)