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I have a weblistbox which contain Greek text. Set its style Arial Greek
I exported as a CSV.
I opened it with notepadand it is ok.
When I opened in Excel 2003 in Windows, Greeks are non sense characters eg

The “??? ??? ???”

is shown in excel cell as


Has anybody any clue?

When importing data into Excel you can select the encoding. Which one did you select? Applications that old don’t have good encoding support.

Thanks for the quick response Beatrix.
I just doublick on CSV text file icon,it loads to Excel automatically.
I exported both with UTF8 encoding and WindowsGreek and ISOGreek but same results.
You mean that in newer excel may be seen ok?

Yes…When I import it as atext file, it is ok…

Modern apps recognize the BOM of text files. You can bet your behind that the old Excel 2003 does not do that. Do an import instead of a double-click. On the left side of the window that shows up after selecting a file you should be able to select an encoding. This is on the Mac side but should be available on the Windows side, too.