Export images to Excel

I am looking for a way to put pictures in an Excel file (pricelist). One picture for each offered item in the list. Is there an easy way to accomplish this from Xojo or a third party plugin? I have a recordset with all required data for the row, including the path to the picture. Each row should contain one picture, always positioned on the same place/column.

Could somebody push me in the right direction or provide an example?

i create html file with resized image on the left and information on the right and other information on the left and then just save the html as a xls file and the launch the xls file

Thanks Richard, interesting workaround, I will give it a try.

remember not to use the original image because the image might be all sort of size and make the image column all out of alignment. need to be same width.

Our MBS XL Plugin can edit excel files and that includes adding pictures.

Christian, does it matter weather Excel is install or not when using XL Plugin?

XL Plugin needs libXL and no Excel installed.

i assume you need to purchase libXL separately.

From the ERP system (Dynamics NAV) I generate a HTML file with all information and references to images formatted in a table with some styling. I open it in Excel as an HTML page and can do whatever I want with it. This works well for my customer, thanks again for your suggestions Richard.

I was looking at the XL Plugin too Christian, thx for your reaction, but the price of libXL forced me to look a bit further. Right now I am not even using Xojo to get where the customer wants.

libXL is extra as I didn’t get a sublicensee contract.