explain the license to me

I have 2016 v3. I know I can’t get updates but I CAN build OS X projects. When I check Windows, it says I need a build license. So why one and not the other.

What your bill is saying ?

which license cathegory did you purchase?

I dont know. The cheap one. $99 good for 1 year of updates.

here is the pop up window

It looks like you have a “Xojo Lite - Mac” license, you cannot build for Windows with this license. We do offer upgrades to Full Desktop (that does include cross-platform), if you have any questions about your options please contact us at hello@xojo.com.

This answers your question.

For OS X only I suppose (based on what you wrote earlier).

Do you know that you can read your Bill online ?
Check your Licnese online ?

thanks Dana, and the cost to build for Windows? Or at least a link.


OK I see. For me, I should buy another LITE version for Windows for $99. Most cost effective.

It really depends on what you need. Your license is expired, if you only need Windows going forward you can get a Xojo Lite $99 - Windows license and build apps for Windows-only. If you do need cross-platform, look at the $299 Xojo Desktop license - with that you can build for macOS, Windows and Linux. You can view all of the options in the store.

I don’t know if I’m 100% sure, I just started learning Xojo.

OP case:

  • with 2016v3 will be able to build Mac projects for ever
  • if a $99 license for Windows a new version of Xojo is needed I guess 2017r11
  • will need to change the version to build for Mac or Windows
  • the license only include SQLite support, no other database

With a $299 license:

  • will be able to build Mac, Windows, Linux/Pi apps with Xojo 2017r11 and all the releases in 12 months
  • will be able to use MySQL or other database
  • can use 2016v3 to build Mac projects with old license

Am I right?

you should refresh your memory