Expected Int32, but got enum MnStuff.Ck

Why am I getting an error??

if i = Ck.WdSnd then

WdSnd is a declared enumeration which is public and in a module.

[quote]ArManip.ArryFill, line 84
Type mismatch error. Expected Int32, but got enum MnStuff.Ck
if i = Ck.WdSnd then[/quote]

From the horse’s mouth: https://forum.xojo.com/16125-frustration-with-enumerations-yet-again/p1#p133088

Thanks. Could not find this thread. I figured there was some simple/stupid explanation. Sigh

You can of course typeCast or use CType to convert to and from integer.

Please give a relevant example. It’s not something I use

Let’s say you have an enumeration Test with the values One, Two and Three:

Dim t As test = test.One Dim i As Integer = Integer(t) Dim tt As test = test(i+1)

i will be 0, tt will be Two.