Exiting debug version hangs for a ten count?

Setup: Mac OS X High Sierra on a MBP with 16 gigs of memory

I noticed when I upgraded to XOJO 2017r3 that when exiting a debug version of any application that there is a noticeable delay before returning to the IDE. I would estimate this delay (I just counted 1001, 1002, etc) to be about 10 seconds. When I exit the application, I get the proverbial beach ball until focus finally returns to the IDE ab out 10 seconds later.

It also seems like there is a delay when running the application in debug mode, but not as significant as the one when exiting the application.

Other developers in the office have experienced this in both Mac and Windows. Any other users notice this behavior?

The delay when quitting the debug app is a known issue and a High Sierra problem. Xojo is trying to delete the app icon and High Sierra is hanging onto it.

If exiting the app takes 10 seconds then you need to find out what your app does there.

It’s doing the same thing it’s always done when exiting the app and I did not experience this with Sierra nor High Sierra before upgrading to 2017r3.

If it’s s known issue, where is it “known”? I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere except in my post.