executeInXojo (Linux)

When using executeInXojo on Linux (Xojo 2021 R2) JavaScriptRequest does not fire.
I’ve added a try/catch within the javascript and it reports - ‘can’t find variable executeInXojo’.
I’ve set the renderer to WebKit. This is working on macOS and Windows.
Is there something else to add for Linux support?

I know this was working as I have some products based on HTMLViewer. Spinning up my Linux VM now.

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Confirmed and case opened.

Thanks Anthony.
Do you remember which version this was working in so I can use the older build for now?

Unfortunately I don’t. If I had more time I’d run through recent versions and check as I keep them installed, but I’m about to leave the office for a few hours.

I can tell you that it’s apparently working on Ubuntu 20.04. Which distro are you using?

Thanks I have a few of the recent ones but can download a few to test.

I’ve tried with Raspbian on a Pi 4 and a laptop with openSUSE 15.3. I will fire up an Ubuntu 20.04!

I’ve relayed this to the Xojo team and updated the Feedback Case with a link here. Hopefully we can get this tracked down and sorted out.

OK, some more info. Built apps are working for me, but not debug. Both the Sync and Async methods fail for me on Linux Mint 20.1.

Built on 2021 R2 on a Pi isn’t firing.
Debug for 2020r1.2 and 2020r2 aren’t working for me on Ubuntu 20.04 either.

A test of built with 2020r2 from Linux running on a Pi (Arm) doesn’t fire, but after an ExecuteJavascript the code appears to run. (My test code displays a message box)

If you could, update the Feedback Case with this info so they’ll have it right there when they get to work on it.

Thanks. I’ve updated the Feedback case with further details.

We’re having trouble reproducing this. Could one of you add your sample project?

My sample project was the HTMLViewer-exec project included with the IDE.


Sorry. I didn’t see that.