Execute Next Statement After Close of WebDialog


I had a WebTextField when GotFocus, it will open a WebDialog which allows me to pick Color from it. After the WebDialog is closed, it will SetFocus to next WebTextField. Everything is working fine except that when calling the WebDialog “Picker”, I am expecting the next command “NextWebTextField2.SetFocus” to be executed after I had Closed the WebDialog “Picker”.

But the actual fact is that after WebDialog “Picker” is shown, the NextWebTextField2.SetFocus is executed as well while WebDialog “Picker” is still opened. Is there any way to let the command NextWebTextField2.SetFocus executed only after I had closed the WebDialog “Picker”? Besides using a Timer Event, is there other alternatives?

Below is the sample of my source code:-

			Dim Picker As New PaletteColorPicker
			Picker.LoadColor(mColor, AddressOf DisplayColor)

Thank you.


Web dialogs are basically asynchronous
So they start the dialog (which is running on the users browser) and when the user closes it the “next thing to run” should be in the
dismissed" event for that dialog

Its very different from the desktop where a modal dialog STOPS all execution right there until the dialog is dealt with

Hello Norman,

I got it now. Thank you for your answer.


To those newbies like me, here is the example of how the dismissed event works:-