Executable permissions

I changed my Linux App Name in Xojo and now all of a sudden now my built files no longer have executable permissions.

I need to change them on the Pi with chmod +x to make them executable.

I am using Filezilla to upload to the Pi. It’s been working fine since I started using it.

Any ideas?

I’ve not used FileZilla myself. Are you sure it is transferring in Binary mode?

Running Raspbian on the PI ? Find the executable in “Documents”, right click and set permissions.

I seem to have it sorted.
On a MAC, the executable permissions are copied over correctly.
On a PC, the permissions are not copied and have to be set. But, if the file exists with the correct permissions and you overwrite it the executable permissions are kept.

I don’t know if this is peculiar to Filezilla, but it threw me for a while as I couldn’t understand why my program wasn’t executing.

@Philip Ebbert I use WinSCP for uploading via the SFTP protocol to the PI. Have exactly what you describe above. Not a big deal since permissions stay in tact with overwriting the executable.

As with Phillip and Joost, when I first move an executable to the Pi/Linux, I have to set the permissions. If I later over-write with a new version, the permissions apply to the new version. But, if I delete the old version, then copy the files, I have to set the permissions again as with a new file.