Executable bit

After building a macOS app with Xojo version “2018r4, 2019r1” on macOS all dylib’s located in the “Frameworks” subfolder have lost their executable bit. The original files supplied in “Pluginfolder” have the executable bit set. Any reason for this behaviour?

@Oliver Schellhammer — I see the same for dylibs in Frameworks (though real frameworks do have the executable bit) but it does not seem to impair execution.

TBH, Mojave really seems like a new beast with its own rules.

dylib files don’t need the executable bit set to work.

@Christian Schmitz — Which I find quite weird because they contain executable code!

but they are not executables :slight_smile:

By the way, have you ever run a MBS Plugin .so file on Linux?

@Christian Schmitz — They are not executables, but they contain executable code. As such, I would expect (as an amateur) that they have an extra bit which also represents an extra layer of safety.

No I haven’t


what did you had (crash, bad behavior) to make the search that result to your question ?

no there is no error but it surprised me because other libarys have set the bit. Thanks for the answers!