EXE Com object

Hey… I have this VB6 code that I am trying to either port or at least understand…

It’s basically a form, that loads an exe com object and interacts with it. But the only code I find in the form where it seems to load the object is :

Dim WSAA As Object
Set WSAA = CreateObject(“WSAA”)

and then, simply calls the methods of WSAA like… WSAA.CreateTRA(cboService.Text, CInt(txtTTL.Text))

WSAA.EXE is registered on my system, but I don’t see it in the list of activeX objects. I am lost here, how can I achieve the same functionality in xojo…?

I think I found a way… with OleObject… but the question I have now is hot to get the registry ID for the registered component…?

Dim myOcx As OLEObject
myOcx = new OLEObject( “{6268820C-8900-4AE9-8A2D-F0A1EBD4CAC5}” )

In my computer I did a registry search for “WSAA” and found it, but if I install the component in someone else’s PC… how do I find it ?


The GUID for the OLE will be the same on all machines its installed on so you don’t need to search for it.


new OLEObject( “WSAA”)


wow ! it DOES work… :slight_smile: