Exception - what kind?

If I add

at the end of a method, all the examples suggest I need to have many traps, one for nilobject, one for file issues etc etc etc

Is there a way to do something like this?

[code]Sub Stuff()

//more code

exception e as SomeGenericException
msgbox e.ErrorDescription[/code]

RuntimeException, but be sure to check for and raise EndException and ThreadEndException.

I don’t know if this is OK or not, but at the end of every method I place:

Exception err commonOS.doHandleExceptionWAD(err, CurrentMethodName, self.Title)
This calls a generic method inside a module that I use to display an error inside a generic window. This seems to trap all errors and allows me to place a Break command inside the method for debugging purposes.

When users report errors they always send me a screen dump. This allows me to see exactly what the error is and what method it occurred in. Potentially I can write this to a debug file or web database too.

When called from a non Window/Dialog, I leave out the self.Title.

As a general approach I only trap exceptions that I expect and can handle. The rest I leave to the framework to deal with. At the application level I trap and log unexpected errors before letting them bubble up.