Exception not breaking into debugger on Monterey

Database exceptions no longer go into the debugger on Monterey for me. The code is quite simple:

GmailDatabase1 = New SQLiteDatabase
dim GmailFolderitem as FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Desktop.child("blabla").Child("account.db")
GmailDatabase1.DatabaseFile = GmailFolderitem

If GmailFolderitem.Exists Then
  'database is there, just connect
  catch err as DatabaseException
  end try
  'create database and table
    Dim sql As String = "CREATE TABLE ""GmailData""(""MessageID"" Text PRIMARY KEY, ""File"" Text NOT NULL, ""FileSize"" Integer)"
  catch err as DatabaseException
  end try
End If

I screwed something up and the folder of the database didn’t exist. On High Sierra I get dropped into the debugger when the exception occurs. On Monterey I get the great nothing:

After clicking on resume I get to the break:

Using some beta of Monterey. Xojo 2021r1 and latest something. Problem persists between restarting Xojo.

Anyone else seeing this?

the “great nothing” mostly happens if the thread context is wrong (or other than expected) try change the thread in the popupmenu (left side of debugger) and see if it gives the correct context?

Looks like you have found another debugger bug since the thread is the same?

The screenshot was from the test where I had an extra thread to see if that makes a difference. I can get the behaviour now without any extra thread at all. I’ll make another Feedback case then.

I see the great nothing a lot, but then I do work with declares and trying to pursuade the Xojo runtime to bend to my will.

Open console, enter your app name into the search field, then got the start button and try to make it misbehave. Maybe setting buried in the detritus will give you an idea of what might be causing it.