Exception Error Number: 0

Came across an issue with a standalone web app where I’ve had the following error showing in the command line.

The first part of the web app still seems to respond despite the error, e.g the login page loads and proceeds to start loading the page after clicking login then hangs.

What is Error Number 0?

Exception Message:
Exception Error Number: 0
An exception of class NilObjectException was not handled. The application must shut down.

This is an exception in your code

Open your app in the IDE
Turn on “Break on exceptions” in the Project Menu
Now run your app and do the same things you did before

And you can point as many browser instances at it as you want by opening more tabs or windows accessing the same URL on your local machine

I’ve managed to cause a NilObjectException

Can a session end while code on a webpage is still running which refers to that session?

12:19:50 AM
Session closed. There is 1 session remaining.
Session closed. There are 0 sessions remaining.

12:19:51 AM
Warning: No Session object in context

if you managed to cause one and your running it in the debugger as I suggested then you should be able to review the code thats causing it

Norman, I can see what caused the NilObjectException. Question really was is it normal that a session can end but code can still be executing within a webpage, I would have thought the session would only end after.