Exception "Database is locked" in SQLPreparedStatementMBS

My app can read data from the MailTags plugin for Mail which is a simple SQLite database. The following code works fine:

dim PreparedForSearch as SQLPreparedStatementMBS = TagLibraryDatabase.Prepare("select tag_json from Tags where tag_key = ?") 
PreparedForSearch.BindType(0, PreparedForSearch.kTypeString)
dim data as RecordSet = PreparedForSearch.SQLSelectMT(TagIdentifier)

Replacing SQLSelectMT with SelectSQLMT so that I get the RowSet for API 2 I get an exception “Database is locked”. Bug or feature?

Xojo 2021r2, MBS 21.3, High Sierra.

Can you please send a project to reproduce?

I just put this in my example project, but I get results without errors/Exceptions:

db.RaiseExceptions = true

Dim PreparedForSearch As SQLPreparedStatementMBS = db.Prepare("select * from test_tbl") 
PreparedForSearch.BindType(0, PreparedForSearch.kTypeString)
Dim data1 As RecordSet = PreparedForSearch.SQLSelectMT
Dim data2 As RowSet = PreparedForSearch.SelectSQLMT


in SQLDatabaseMBS SQLite Prepared Statement project.

I’ll try to reproduce.

Not reproducible today. :slightly_frowning_face:

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