exception caused by picture.getdata

I’m wondering what might be causing an exception with the following

this causes an unsupportedFormatException with the description ‘SaveAsPicture doesn’t support format 150 in Windows.’

any idea what might be causing this?

the file is a png.

What kind of app (desktop, console, web, etc ?)

its a desktop app

is it?

when you say installed, do you mean switched on ? it is switched on.

Format 150 is png.

Have you tried


Chances are it will work better, since BMP is native to Windows.

well, it seems it is specific to this one machine.

@Michel Bujardet I cant actually change it because its in a 3rd party component as well as my code.

the weird thing is that i cannot find a way around it. i’ve tried SFC and DISM
both say there is nothing wrong. the gdiplus.dll file in c:\windows\system32 seems to be the correct one.
Im really struggling to see how to fix it without a full reinstall which i really don’t fancy!

Have you tried to draw the picture to a freshly created one and GetData from it ? That is the only workaround I can think of.