ExcelListbox - Help needed - Little Opensource project

[code]-click with the mouse on any cell–>done
-UP and DOWN exactly as in excel–>done
-press ENTER as in DOWN key–>done
-F2 to edit–>done
-choose if the entire list or column by column is or not editable–>done

** to-do list **
-DOUBLE click with the mouse to edit–>PENDING
-RIGHT and LEFT as in excel–>PENDING
-TAB as in excel–>PENDING
-RePag and AvPag as in excel–>PENDING
-Select a range of cells with SHIFT + [UP|DOWN|LEFT|RIGHT]
-Select a range of cells with the mouse[/code]

I want to create a listbox in which you can navigate the cells like you do in excel. However, there are some things that I can not achieve because of lack of knowledge or ingenuity. Does anyone want to contribute with this opensource project doing something of the to-do list?
here is the Github link–> https://github.com/nkne/ExcelListbox

you just have to intercept the keydown event of the listbox and do your stuff depending on the key pressed.

at least for me, it’s not as easy as it seems. if you take a look at the code, you can see that i have already used the keydown event

In CellClick save Ticks and if you get another click within 30 ticks, you have found a double click.

In CellKeyDown look for asc(key) being 28, 29, 30, 31 which are cursor keys. Look for the cell you want to go and call EditCell on that one to move.

Same as cursor right to jump.

What is that?

You may want to define your own selection area. So you have properties on listbox for selection and in Cellbackground you draw a background for those cells.

Similar as the one above, just do the same with selection and change it by mouse events on listbox.

-DOUBLE click with the mouse to edit–>done. It’s not as simple as it sounds, but with a little effort it’s done.

-RIGHT and LEFT as in excel–>STILL PENDING. I use

me.EditCell(SelectedRow, SelectedColumn) me.CellType(SelectedRow, SelectedColumn) = Listbox.TypeNormal
but it seems that the cell stays in edit mode and it is not possible to pass it to normal mode

[quote]-RePag and AvPag as in excel–>PENDING
What is that?[/quote]
they are the “PageUp” and “PageDown” keys on the keyboard, but written in spanish