Comment verifier si lors de l’ouverture d’un fichier excel, celui-ci est en lecture seule ou non…?

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If the Excel file has the [Read-Only] property set, then the string “[Read-Only]” will appear in Excel’s Caption.

[code]Dim f as New folderitem

Dim excel as new ExcelApplication
excel.Visible = True


//[Read-Only] will appear in Excel Caption
If InStr(excel.Application.Caption, “[Read-Only]”) <> 0 then
MsgBox “This file is read-only”
MsgBox “This file not read-only”
End If

//Close excel
excel.ActiveWorkbook.close false
excel = nil

Exception err as OLEException
MsgBox err.message[/code]

Si le fichier Excel a la propriété [Lecture seule] fixée, alors la chaîne de caractères Lecture seule ("[Read Only]") sera affichée dans la légende (Caption) d’Excel.

Traduction libre; je n’ai pas utilisé Excel depuis près de 20 ans…

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@Eugene Dakin
When excel starts, it goes in the background. Never in the foreground.
And when the file is read-only, the code of xojo waits for me to click on the msgbox of excel (which already informs me that I am read-only, to continue executing and to re-inform me that I am in Read only … how to avoid this?

[quote=335826:@jean-paul devulder]if not f.iswriteable then

// ce fichier est en mode read only

end if[/quote]
Ne marche pas du tout, pour le coup.

[quote=335824:@julien assayah]@Eugene Dakin
When excel starts, it goes in the background. Never in the foreground.[/quote]

The answer is at this link: Apportez Excel a l’avant

[google translate]
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excel.Application.DisplayAlerts = False

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