Excel Software

Has anybody tried these add-ons (got nothing to do with MS Excel)? The ListBox looks promising.


Ran across this today https://pressreleasenet.com/xojoapp-software-components-for-xojo-developers/ and wondered about these folks. As far as I can tell they’ve never been active in the forums and I don’t know of anyone that’s used their products.

While their products might be good I tend to think that being ‘invisible’ to the community is a less than idea situation. I know from personal experience that many Xojo developers will use our products because of our visibility and willingness to share ideas/code/experience. I can’t think of another 3rd party Xojo developer that is as quiet as these folks.

What is your experience with them? Are their products any good? What about their support and willingness to answer questions?

that domain belongs to Harold Halbleib
not a forum member that I can see… actually he is… 8 posts in last 13 years

He is a forum member but not very active: https://forum.xojo.com/member/activity/45856-harold-h

I bought this when I started out and it was OK as far as it goes. It is solid and I’ve never found a bug in it nor had occasion to refer to their support team. It is pure XOJO code, not an addin so it should work on all environments.

But I’m not sure if it is great value for money:

  • XML component is OK, but the current support in XOJO makes it obsolete
  • String list: did not have much use for it
  • help component is a runtime you need another product as well
  • drawing component: did not have a need for it
  • charts: very limited functionality, if it does what you need fine

The grid and editor are fine if they are what you want but are not easy to extend

The website looks like it hasn’t changed in the last 20 years. The “shop” is a form.