Does anybody know how I can create a hyperlink on an excel sheet?

This does not work:
dim r as excelrange
r = excel.range(“H2”, “200”)
r.Hyperlinks.Add(book, “http://www.xojo.com”, “Xojo”)

Description is:
ExcelHyperlinks.Add(Anchor_Param as OLEObject, Address_Param as string, SubAddress_param as variant, ScreenTip_Param as variant, TextToDisplay_Param as variant) as OLEObject

Hi Horst,

Does this work for you?

[code] Dim excel as new ExcelApplication
excel.Visible = True

excel.Range(“H2”).Value = “200”
excel.Range(“H2”).Hyperlinks.Add(excel.Selection, “http://www.xojo.com”, “Xojo”)[/code]

excel.Range("H2").Hyperlinks.Add(excel.Range("H2"), "http://www.xojo.com", "Xojo")

To get the hyperlink in cell H2