Excel book 4.3 - Updated July 2023

The book “I Wish I Knew How To…Program Excel 2019 with Xojo API2” has been updated to version 4.3. Focus of this update has been with hyperlinks. The book can be purchased at: https://www.xdevlibrary.com/ or at my website: Books

This is a free update for those who have purchased previous 4.x version of this book. Here are a list of the updates:
New to Version 4.3 – July 2023 – Excel 2019

  1. Add Hyperlink to a cell
  2. Add a hyperlink to a shape anchor
  3. Add Text to a Hyperlink
  4. Add Screen Tip information to a hyperlink
  5. Deleting a hyperlink in a cell
  6. Deleting all hyperlinks
  7. Add a Hyperlink to a Picture
  8. Start an Email for Outlook using FollowHyperlink
  9. Updated book link to https://www.xdevlibrary.com/