Excel behavour simulation

Hi to all
I know that there are some sw utility, that I am using, mostly related to spectrophotometer graphic art printing area; who are able to send the data acquired by the instruments directly to an Excel sheet.
There are a way to receive this data stream by a xojo application, either on Mac and Windows?
Any help will be very appreciate.
Thank you

With plugins you can read ExcelSheets, if that helps. I’m using the Excel plugins from einhugur.com, but http://monkeybreadsoftware.de has Excel plugins too I think.

xojo can read ethernet streams using the tcpsocket class, and also serial data stream using … the serial class. it depends on how your instruments send the data to the computer.


Good catch, I didn’t read carefully enough. @Sergio_Molino so you have 2 options:

  1. either catching the data yourself or
  2. using this existing Excel solution and reading the Excelsheet. The Einhugur plugin can read / write Excels without Excel needing to be installed. For the MBS plugin I’m not sure.

Thank you Jeannot and Jean-Yves
I will look at those plugin, but I would like to avoid going through a file for reasons of convenience and speed.

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