Excel Array as Variant Error

Hello Everyone,

I have a problem where I am unable to convert an array into an excel TextToColumns method. Here is the code that works in VBA:

I am getting an error when converting the Excel array to a Variant. Here is my converted Xojo Code.

In the code Var A() As Variant = Array(V1,V2,V3) I get the following error:

I know its a longshot, and does anyone know how to convert a multidimensional array to a variant for Excel on Windows?

seems this argument is the columns datatype XlColumnDataType
maybe cou can set it in different way.

Does this work?

Var A() as variant
A.add v1
A.add v2
A.add v3
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Although I don’t have any errors, it doesn’t appear to work. Thanks for the nice suggestion

For others who may search this in the future, here is a workaround that does not use Variants. (Thank you Mario!)