Examples to interface to Zoom, AWS S3 and AWS Texting

I was wondering if anyone has sample code for using Xojo for AWS S3, AWS texting and Zoom meeting interfaces.

All talk about being able to use HTTP and REST API, I’ve done a few REST API for other ones, but it seems each one is different and the only thing they really explain well is SDK for various languages.

I have seen that Chilkat has AWS S3 & AWS Texting, but was wanting to do it natively if possible just like the others, but I’m not able to find the right process.

Hi Tim,
Have you looked at using API Gateway? It’s possible to wire up AWS API gateway as a service level gateway to access various AWS services. There is an example tutorial in the docs for SQS but SNS could be done as well. Working with AWS service integrations for HTTP APIs - Amazon API Gateway. Kind of a multi-step process but it gives you a path to access a fair number of AWS services directly via API Gateway. Those that aren’t available that way could be done by adding AWS Lambda behind the API Gateway in a request/response setup. This gives you access to a ton of stuff without the need for the SDK. The other path would be using plugins as you mention. MBS plugins support a number of different AWS use cases and there are examples on the Monkeybreadsoftware website for that. Such as Monkeybread Xojo plugin - CURLSMBS