Just want a confirmation on this. Can anyone get multiple iOS apps to connect to the desktop app as setup in this example Examples/iOS/Networking/EasyTCPSocket? From what I’m seeing, the first iOS app can connect but the second one just gets a “Connection Refused” error. Error 61.

This makes it…unusable. I find it strange because I’ve used ServerSocket in a similar manner many times on desktop apps, though not in 2017R1. Maybe that’s the next step, I dunno.

Probably not since the “server” is just using a single socket not a server socket to handle multiple clients :slight_smile:

Its one instance of a listening EasyTCPSocket on the window layout

Ah. True. It’s mislabeled. Let me futz around with it and see if I can get it to work.

Got it to work. Modified the project and will submit it through Feedback. For anyone interested https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/24111541/ServerSocket.xojo_binary_project

Now to figure out why it’s not working in my (much) bigger application. Gotta love programming some times. But, I will say that small example projects are helpful in narrowing issues down.