Examples descriptions?

Hello all,

Is there anywhere that gives a description for each example project, what it does and why? For example, I was just looking at the Signals example, and there is no description of what it does or why in the example, nor in the help. However searching the help for signals does return a result for the signals example.


It looks like Paul has started one. If you search for “examples” on the docs page it’ll take you to a page that lists all the examples and gives a short description of some of them. I don’t know if this is a work in progress or not, but we should encourage Paul to flesh it out a little.


Yeas, I have seen that and it is not complete, but I imagine it is a work in progress!

For new, or updated examples, adding a read me or an “about” text to each just summarizing what they are exemplifying etc would be wonderful.

Thanks again Tim -

I suggested, some times ago, to add in the project (each project) something like a RTF \info segment:

a piece of data that gives info about what the project is, who creates it, etc.

That info can be displayed at project selection time (open time), in the location where the proect name, creation / last modification and size is displayed.

He who is without sin cast the first stone. Apart from Norman Palardy experience of a project where the manual was written before software, it is a well known fact that when development is complete, most programmers tend to be unwilling to write the manual and description. The Apple Store often confirm that fact, where feasts of programming are often presented with indigent documentation. People who write examples are no exception : after placing source code up for grasp where, after all, we are supposed to read and learn, they probably lack the drive to add descriptions.

You are right Michel, and this is a good reason to add this kind of stuff, so, once I finished things, I can add that before I “lack the drive” ;-:).

BTW: this is not a bug squash question, so it will be soon forgotten.