Example sending email from web app

We just changed servers and one of my apps that sends emails is doing it.

Can someone point me to a solid example that works in the current version of Xojo.


Well, the examples coming with Xojo should work.

Or if you need more the examples for MBS Plugin will work, e.g. see our CURLEmailMBS class.


Or do you have other needs?

really cant send email from web app without pluggin ? i search a lot but no xamples work, i try also
http://www.realsoftwareblog.com/2012/11/using-web-edition-with-google-powered.html but dont work
any sugestion?

have a look at https://forum.xojo.com/42050-send-email-smtp-gmail

I got it working

what was the reason of the problem ?

Tks we find the error, the problem was in a email destination, need change separator “;” or “,” before send, that is with Mail Socket at 25 port with a private server. now is work tks to every body

Dim mail As emailMessage
Dim file As emailAttachment
Dim i As Integer
Dim s As String

// set up the socket
MailSocket.Address = xServidorMail
MailSocket.Port = xPuertoCom
MailSocket.Username = xUsuarioM
MailSocket.Password = xContrasenaM

// populate the email message
mail = New emailMessage
mail.FromAddress = “any@any.com
mail.Subject = xAsunto
mail.BodyPlainText = xMensajeC
mail.BodyHTML = xMensajeC
mail.Headers.AppendHeader(“X-Mailer”,“Xojo SMTP Demo”)

// add recipients
s = ReplaceAll(xDestinatarios, “;”, Chr(13))
s = ReplaceAll(s, Chr(13)+Chr(10), Chr(13))
For i = 1 To CountFields(s, Chr(13))
mail.AddRecipient(Trim(NthField(s, Chr(13), i)))

// send the email