Example Program HTTPdownloader Downloads Link NOT the File

I was looking for a simple way to download a file (actually just some text) and looked at the example program HTTPdownloader and thought that would work just fine. I could craft something more complex using the FTP server on my Web Server but that seemed to be more than I needed.

I created a text file on my Web Server with a .TXT extension and tested the URL and the browser shows the text in the file as I expected.

When I run the example Xojo program I get HTML output and a link to the file in the file downloaded to the desktop (default location in the example program).

I thought this should download the actual file contents of the specified file. What have I missed?


Testing the example with the answers disk image I’m having a successful result. It may be your web server responding with a HTML file, especially if you’re using Dropbox as a test.


Thanks for the quick reply.

When I try the URL with a “real” browser the display shows the content of the text file as expected and not a link. You are probably right that the Web Server is what is causing it to be a link. This is a Windows server with the Abyss Web Server and not Dropbox.

It could be the RequestHeaders in the HTTPsocket. I will have to see if I can figure out what to add that will make my Web Server download the file and not a link.


Instead of HTTPSocket, you might also want to try Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket which might follow redirects for you. Also since it looks like you’re in the Beta you might want to take a look there as well.


OK … I cannot get the new Xojo.Net.Httpsocket to compile because it requires the new framework … and I am to dense to make the jump to the new Xojo.IO.Folderitem.

ALSO … “in the Beta” … not sure what you mean by that.

I give up … off to use MBS Curl to download my file.


You have “Pre-Release Testers” listed next to your name here on the forum. That would indicate you can click on the “Pre-Release” channel at the top of the forum to try the Betas.

Ahhhhh … or as Homer Simpson would say … Doh

Do you think the pre-release would have a working HTTP download sample program with the new framework (Net.Xojo.HTTPsocket)?

I am not prone to installing Xojo pre-released versions but it would be worth it if there was a new sample program.

Thanks, Mark