Example of System.GotoURL for mailto with an attachment

I’m looking for the syntax to use with the System.GotoURL for sending an email WITH an attachment using the default mail client?

There is no provision for attachments with mailto: so unfortunately not as simple as it sounds to do this correctly (since you have to implement each client you want to support).

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A couple of Google searches:

I’m with Tim. After puzzling over this many times in the past it’s simpler to use the EmailMessage, or whatever it’s called, to create the message, add the attachments, and send it.

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Or use AppleScript for Mail and Outlook.

What is wrong with smtpsocket ?

The email I sent with my appplications made with Xojo (SMTP socket) are often considered as spam.


Spam is mail I don’t want. The only person who can define that is me. No one else has any business blocking an email to me because they think it’s spam.

And the rules / laws from the link you provided apply to the US, not elsewhere.

What is your mail server ?

If you have access to its settings, this may help:

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I send serial to the persons who donate for my applications with my own application made with Xojo. My email ends with @orange.fr (my host to access internet at home).
Another of my application sends email which ends with my website @toroco.fr (My website is hosted by Ionos).

Some of the donators write me my email with the serial (sent with @orange.fr ) was is their spam folder.
But I have more problems with the emails I send from @toroco.fr , even if I send them with Apple Mail, not only with my application made with Xojo. It seems that if I write to a person with an email @gmail.com , there is lot more probability that my email is considered as spam.

You should be able to add an SPF DNS resource on toroco.fr. It tells email clients that the domain is what it is supposed to be. Many mail servers use that to recognize spam and spoof when it is not present.

Unfortunately, orange.fr probably does not use SPF. You can verify that by sending a mail to yourself, and look at the source.

Here is an example of how the SPF looks when it has been implemented:

Received-SPF: pass (dmarc-service-6499466456-rwj65: domain of
 sellernotifications.amazon.com designates as permitted sender)
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Thank you very much Michel, I will have a look.

Yes, that is the reason why you should use a sender with a reputation like SendGrid or similar to send emails.

I’m writing myself a tool to do RSS to email. For testing I used my personal address and an iCloud address. After the third test email the iCloud email vanished into the ether. Just gone. Because stupid Apple decides what is spam and what is not spam.

Indeed if one sends a lot of email. However, to simply send download instructions to customers, I found that using my own domain name with SPF set suffices to avoid being flagged as spam.

We use a service called DNSMADEEASY to send emails using SMTP. There is a cost for using DNSMADEEASY but it is much much easier than trying to use an SMTP server from your wifi provider or even google.

For those who are hosted by Ionos and who can’t send email to Gmail address, there is a button in Domaines & SSL , tab DNS , add a record : IONOS SPF (TXT) .
This add directly the good entry. I didn’t see it when Michel wrote me to add a SPF TXT, maybe it wasn’t there at this time.

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