example of independent spinning wheel

I am looking for an example of using an independent spinning wheel for desktop applications. By independent I mean for a wheel that is separate from any window. I do have one that shows occasionally, but usually the system wheel shows first. I added it to a small window that will show with ProgressWheel as a part of it.
The timer I have is set to a period of 100, with Timer.ModeMultiple.
Am I doing something wrong?
Alternatively, I know of the Cool Loading Wheel Control for Xojo, but I don’t understand how to implement that or any other effectively. Do I just copy the control to this little window I already have?

Your code is way not enough to see where a problem might be.

Regarding the Cool Loading Wheel: you need to set the segments with

CProgress.NoOfSegments = 2

and increase the current segment:

CProgress.CurrentSegment = CProgress.CurrentSegment + 1