Example: ListBox with Background Image

Lena smiles behind cells (columns are resizeable).

Sample project is here.

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Very Suspicious of random links like this.
Whats this about?
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It’s an example showing how to give a desktop ListBox a seamless background image using CellBackgroundPaint.

Works fine on Xojo 2015r1 (with some regression).

But the image (thus lovely) is not appropriate: reading the text is close to impossible.

BTW: a jpg (in this case) loaded with Picture.OpenVector ?


A bit tall, but the Rainbow effect is a must. I created the artwork for someone who’s addres was 15 Rainbow Drive… :wink:

No tricks.

Function CellBackgroundPaint(g As Graphics, row As Integer, column As Integer) Handles CellBackgroundPaint as Boolean
  Var left,top,columnWidth,rowHeight as Integer
  Var i as Integer
  For i=0 to row-1
  For i=0 to column-1
  g.DrawPicture Self.p,0,0,columnWidth,rowHeight,left,top,columnWidth,rowHeight
End Function
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