Everyone - help increasing Xojo's reputation on slant.co


It’s a shame that Xojo isn’t on that list. I don’t think any of those languages/IDE are ‘better’ than Xojo creating a cross-platform application.

That’s what I thought, too. Maybe some users here could add some Pro notes to it, once someone has added Xojo.

Shoot, I don’t even see how to add a new product to the list.

I’ve added Xojo to it. Xojo was already known to Slant, probably in a related question. Now others should add some Pros and votes.

I see there a con that Xojo is subscription based which clearly it is not.

As long as the sale page say ‘/yr’ after the price, people will think is a subscription.

And yet we see here questions from people who are still using Real Studio.

This gives me the impression that nothing I read on slant is worth the time that author took to write the recommendation.

Not a very good representative screenshot of Xojo.
I have added an EE Desktop and an EE Web screenshot.

12 entries… :frowning:

One entry per person who is likely to read that ‘article’ and do anything about it.

It’s actually starting to grow. Most of the entries are pretty good.

I added my 2 cents worth to it.
Generally dont add things to sites like that.