Everweb & XOJO Cloud

Hello everyone!

Has anyone tried to use Everweb inside XOJO CLOUD?

Does this scheme work?

Greetings and thanks for any response to the topic.

This thread might help: https://forum.xojo.com/35578-everweb-and-xojo/0#p290048

Thanks for your answer. I already checked the chat about Everweb, in fact, that’s what I want to do, as Alan explains: “Create a website, possibly with EverWeb and then embed or use Xojo pages inside that would have Xojo list boxes, forms, pages, among others.”

I liked Everweb (I hope Paul Levine can read this comment). I will use it.

In my humble opinion as a user, I wish that XOJO has the full capability of Everweb. It would be the perfect tool using XOJO and its counterpart XOJO Cloud.

Everweb allows the user to upload using a single button, the whole page on a server (like XOJO Cloud). In the Everweb page mentions that it is compatible with most of the clouds in the market.

It is for the above that my real question is: Can I use Everweb to upload with a single button to the XOJO Cloud server?