Everweb and Xojo

Might be a dumb question, but I am curious.

I am wanting to create a website that has some xojo forms, listboxes, etc in it, so basically a webapp/website.

My original thought was to create a Xojo app, and use htmlviewers for html pages that need to really look like a website.

This is the direction I’m pursuing now, but I was curious if it could be easily done in reverse?

Create a website, possibly with EverWeb and then embed or use Xojo pages inside it that would have Xojo listboxes, forms, pages, etc.

If this is a stupid idea, just let me know. I don’t want to miss an opportunity for my site to look and act better, so I don’t want to assume the best way to accomplish it.

Should be possible, ive used hype to do the same thing.

So would you recommend doing like I have started which is Xojo web with html viewers in it?
or something like EverWeb and then some way to embed Xojo web pages in it?

Do you have any examples that I can see of what you’ve done?

You can PM me if you want, if the sites are not public.

I am using Everweb right now, to build a new website which wraps xojo webapps.

Just put your Webapps into iframes, it works pretty well.

The more challenging part is responsive design of your site and SEO.

If your site is not recognized as mobile friendly, it will not get a high ranking on any google search from mobile devices. So test frequently:


Check out the plugins for Everweb (aka widgets) it can help you with creating sites for desktop, tablets and phones.

See http://www.everwebapp.com/resources/addons/index.html

Oliver any chance I could see some screen shots of the site, or something similar? You can PM to me if it’s not a public site.


Thanks very impressive.

I had some questions about EverWeb but their phone number appears to be bad.


Does anyone have a way to call them so I can ask my questions.

The biggest question I have is that I really need to host the sites on my server, and I really need security on some of the pages. I seriously am thinking of going and purchasing a macbook pro if EverWeb will work for me, and the security is something I would need for sure.


Or you can contact Paul Levine through this forum: https://forum.xojo.com/member/22553-paul-l

Thanks, I’ll try that

With the hosting everweb offers some convenience functions, like 404 redirects or password protected pages.

This is for people who do not wish to maintain their own webserver at some individual hoster. Of course you can always password protect folders or pages or webapps. Everweb hosting just helps you here, if one does not know how to do these things.

It does not mean, that you have no security unless you buy the hosting option of everweb. It just means that one need to learn more about ones webserver, Apache, IIS, or whatever you chose.

Thanks, I will see what I can figure out. Thanks again, I think I am heading down the EverWeb and Mac road.
My credit card will be very unhappy with me.

I’ve used a Mac before, but it’s been 4-5 years…


EverWeb just won TWO awards at XDC

I saw that. That’s what got my attention again for EverWeb