Event for Table Reordering

Using the Xojo example TableEditingAndReordering, I can click the Edit button and reorder the Rows. I have tried all the Row Events and nothing seems to fire when I reorder a Row.

Likewise, in my iOS app, I keep a Class with arrays of data pertaining to each Row and Column, so when the rows are reordered without my knowing it, I cannot update these arrays.

Is there a way to determine when a Row in a Table has been reordered?

Reordering rows doesn’t fire an event but calls one or more of the datasource methods.

Thanks @Jeremie_L I’ll check out that avenue.


The four DataSource Calls are: RowCount, SectionCount, RowData and SectionTitle.

Is it one of these which is called when a Row is reordered? Is is there another?

Is it in https://documentation.xojo.com/api/ios/iosmobiletable.htmlDataSourceReordering ?

Found it — in the RowMoved() Method of the DataSource!

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