EvaluateJavaScriptMBS replacement for Windows

I have an HTMLViewer in a desktop app that I send commands to using

Return myHTMLViewer.EvaluateJavaScriptMBS(myCommand)
This only works for macOS. I tried using


when running on Windows, but am getting an OLEException error:

Exception code 0: Could not complete the operation due to error 80020101., (failed on "execScript")

Is there a better Windows (andLinux) replacement for EvaluateJavaScriptMBS?

MBS Plugin has several functions.

So we do have for Mac:
HTMLViewer.EvaluateJavaScriptMBS(code as string) as string

For Linux with WebKit:
LinuxWebViewMBS.EvaluateScript(script as string) as string

For Windows with Internet Explorer:
HTMLViewer.IERunJavaScriptMBS(JavaScript as string) as boolean

For Windows with WebKit:
ChromiumBrowserMBS.ExecuteJavaScript(jsCode as string, scriptUrl as string, startLine as integer)

Thank you. I’m trying ChromiumBrowserMBS for Windows and LinuxWebViewMBS for Linux.

On macOS [b]HTMLViewer.EvaluateJavaScriptMBS/b returns the results of a JavaScript. On Linux [b]LinuxWebViewMBS.EvaluateScript/b does the same. But on Windows [b]ChromiumBrowserMBS.ExecuteJavaScript/b doesn’t return value.

How can I get a JavaScript result on Windows?
Alternatively, I can get the Source of the whole HTMLViewer window using ChromiumFrameMBS.Source, but can I use this to extract the value from a single known field?

Well, the Windows API doesn’t return the result.
It’s feature from Microsoft to punish developers :wink:

You can always stuff something in document.title and query it later.
Or use a form field to transfer texts.