Eugene Dakin Is My Hero!

Every once in a while I come across something that has so much value and benefit to me that I just have to openly compliment the source. Just bought two more works from Eugene Dakin (adding to others I already have), namely, “Use MemoryBlocks with Xojo” and “Program Word with Xojo in Windows”. Both had content that I desperately needed in order to understand some concepts involved in creating what I need to do in a project I’m currently working on.

To say that Eugene’s works are an “easy read” would be an understatement. He has a creative way of writing and using examples that even I (a real “code klutz” on topics like memory blocks) can grasp and use quickly. Just looking at the Table of Contents in any of his works makes me think “he was reading my mind” about things I really need to learn and use to improve my coding skills. At $14.99 a pop (we call that a “cheap date”), how can you possibly not avail yourself of the opportunity to accelerate your learning curve dramatically and save precious time. The dollar value of the time you spend googling and trying things to just “get something that works” far eclipses the $14.99 price tag.

Eugene, I’m facing North right now (since you’re way up there in the Canuckville and I’m here in South Carolina) and I’m tipping my hat to you … kudos on what you’ve made available to us … and don’t stop now!!!

Perusing the XDEV Library, I see what looks like many other valuable assets from folks like Sam Rowlands, Mark Zeeder, Christian Schmitz, Aaron Ballman, and way too many others to name here. All of their works are VERY affordable for anyone. For those of you that haven’t gone out to the XDEV Library, you ought to try it. You just might find the answer to what programming issues you’re wrestling with at the moment.

Full Disclosure … I’m not getting paid to promote anyone’s works; Never met Eugene Dakin and wouldn’t know him from Santa Claus if he were in the same room with me right now. But if he introduced himself, I’d give him a most warm handshake and thank him in person for what he’s done for me!

Thanks for the kind words Don. I am glad to hear that the books are useful to you. It was a pleasure writing the books and I am sure there will be more in the future.

Warm regards…