Errornumber 3 IOException in greek

I’m having issues while using TextOutputStream.Create with Windows in greek language. Users are getting an IOException with Errornumber 3 (ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND) while trying to create a text file into SpecialFolder.Documents.child(“myfolder”) or similar.

Same application unzipping a file (with UnzipMBS) to the same folder works fine, therefore I discard a users (permissions) issue, disk is not full.
I believe it is related to using the greek alphabet for the username folder because it writes fine in other english named folders.

As far as I know (not really sure) it doesn’t happens always but when it happens a greek user name is involved.

Thanks for your help.

Well, maybe the text encoding for the file path must be handled right.
e.g. the function must internally properly handle unicode characters.

Thanks Christian,

as far as I know the text encoding for the file path in this function is not accessible, correct?

Btw, do you have a replacement for TextOutputstream that handles correctly encodings?

Any one has found a solution for this issue?

Post your code.

Nothing special:

Dim thisfi as folderitem Dim stext as string = "My text" thisfi = SpecialFolder.Documents.child("Myfolder") Dim filestream as TextOutputStream filestream = TextOutputStream.Create(thisfi) filestream.Write(stext) filestream.close

User name is in greek and this results the path to SpecialFolder.Documents contains greek alphabet characters and raises mentioned error.

It works here.

With a greek Windows OS ?

No, but with a greek file name.

In experimenting, I also found that OneDrive had snatched away the local Documents folder. The path was
Users/mitch/onedrive/Documents instead.

I wonder if that could not be another issue if for some reason connectivity is absent.

At any rate You should test thisfi for nil, in case the path is somehow invalid. Which is basically the error you are encountering.

You also want to verify your assumption that with Roman script in the name it would work.

I have shorted a bit the code bit a thisfi check is included (if thisfi <> nil and thisfi.exists then … ), the problem raises once TextOutputStream tries to create the folder.

I believe a greek folder name is not the same than a greek OS version, the code is running fine for spanish, german and other languages but I’m having issues with users from Greece and Israel ( not sure about Russia).; therefore I think the problem is in the way the Create function works with this kind of characters (not the folderitem itself).

About OneDrive I discarded this reason because I have the exact same issue writing on Preferences folder which is always in the local drive (as far as I know).