Error with NSTextBlockMBS

I get this error on all targets besides x64 Mac, both in debug runs and build attempts.

While there is a little chance that I messed it up.
But could you quit Xojo, clear caches and try again?
NStextBlockMBS is a new class and in the same plugin as NSAttributedStringMBS.

Prior to reporting this, I had quit Xojo, deleted the MBS plugins and reinstalled from scratch. The deletion was in case a simple overwrite would leave some old crud behind (this has happened a time or two in years past.) I did this again, this time deleting the cache as you said. There is no difference, but I have a little more detail.

The project that I was building uses a Worker. On Mac, ‚ÄúPreparing plugins‚Ķ‚ÄĚ fails, with this message, when compiling plugins for the Worker (i.e, for the console framework.) This means that all I can do is run the project in the Mac IDE, where the Worker is just simulated by threads. On other desktop platforms, compiling plugins just fails. A debug run to a Linux guest failed with the same message.

For a more conventional project (without a Worker), things got a little better in that I could build a universal binary. However, ‚ÄúPreparing Plugins‚Ķ‚ÄĚ continues to fail for other desktop targets.

Looks like I marked the classes wrong with the flags.
So NSTextBlockMBS misses the flag for console target.

I’ll fix that today.

I put you a new copy of the plugin here:

That did the trick. Thank you as always, friend.

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