Error while compiling

Anyone else getting an error while trying to run or build a program in 2021r1 which builds perfectly in 2020r1.2 without an error?
Xojo 2021

Compiling on top of what OS/version? Also, are you using plugins? Updated plugins?

Compiling for Windows. No Plugins.

Can you create a sample, isolating the problem, that you can share? Then open a Feedback report and share it there.

No, hence why I’m asking to see if anyone has any pointers which help narrow down my search. As far as I was aware there are no changes to the picture object between 2020r1.2 and 2021r1 so I suspect the reference to “Picture” in the error message may be a ‘red-herring’.

So, if you delete all the content and leave a picture, it compiles? It should be great leave all them in place if possible. Also search the word “Picture” and look if you find some misuse of this class word.

I have identical picture code in another program and that compiles fine in 2021r1, I have copied the picture code into a new program and that compiles. If the Location and Code sections of the error message had something to point me towards an object or function, again it might help narrowing the search.

Does the compiler create a log when compiling, something that can be read when such an error arises ? That could be an interesting place for hints.

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