Error when trying to use session property array

I feel like I am going mad!!! I just cant think what I am doing wrong.

I have create two session properties and declared them as string and but brackets at the end of the names to make them arrays.

Then in the session Open event I have the following code to make them available to the sessions. The problem is that Xojo keeps telling me that the String class does not exist.

pOrderListOpen_Array() = new String pOrderListProcessed_Array() = new String

The String class doesn’t exist, a String is a basic data type, so you don’t need to new it. If you’ve created string array properties, they’re already available in Open. Use pOrderListOpen_Array.append to append elements. Or add them in one go with pOrderListOpen_Array = Array("This", "That", "Other")

Thanks Gavin, it is so obvious but I have been searching for over an hour through the docs to see what I was doing wrong. Sometimes the obvious is right in front of us!!! :wink: