Error starting Xojo 2022 release 3.1 in Ventura 13.3.1

My Mac was updated to Ventura 13.3.1 (a) and now Xojo crashes with an error:

“An exception of class OutOfBoundsException was not handled. The application must shut down.”

Since my license expired last year, I can’t update to an earlier version. Obviously I can’t undo the Mac OSX update so I’m between a rock and a hard place and can’t do maintenance on the few projects that are still running with customers…

Please use the search functionality of the forum. Basically, you are f…ed and you have to get rid of the supplemental version of macOS.

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I can’t seem to find any other reports for this error on the forum?

Thanks! Removing the supplemental version wasn’t that hard to do and… it HELPED! :sweat_smile:

To do this:

  1. Open your macOS System Settings, go to General, and select “About”
  2. Scroll down to the macOS version # then click on the info circle and click Remove & Restart. (Requires Admin Password)

That was in one of the reports Beatrix was talking about.

Other advice (also in the other reports):
read this forum (at least the titles) and some US macOS/Apple related news ( for example).

You will get the information earlier and be ready to give an answer to your customers…

13.4 should be out this week and that would fix this too.

I do not think so (and I can be wrong) because: