error send a email with gmail

this was working perfect for about 1 year and now have this error

553 5.1.2 The address specified is not a valid RFC-5321 address. o77sm1382514vke.27 - gsmtp

my code

Dim Mail As New EmailMessage
dim file as emailAttachment
Dim SendTo,s As String
Dim i As Integer
Dim kk As String

eMailControl01=New eMailControl


If System.Network.LookupIPAddress(“”) <> “” and MaineMail.Trim <> “” Then

eMailControl01.Address =""
eMailControl01.Port = 587
eMailControl01.Username =MaineMail.Trim
eMailControl01.Password = MaineMailpass.Trim

// Connect To Server
eMailControl01.Secure = True
eMailControl01.ConnectionType = SSLSocket.TLSv1

// Populate Email Message
Mail.FromAddress =CompName
Mail.Subject =eNombre
Mail.BodyPlainText =eMensage
Mail.Headers.AppendHeader eLocate01,"GasPos v1.0"

if mAttachFile  <> "" then
  file = new emailAttachment
  file.loadFromFile getFolderItem(mAttachFile)
  mail.attachments.append file
end if

'SendTo = txtSendNumber.Text + "@" + pmCarrier.RowTag(pmCarrier.ListIndex)
s = replaceAll(SendTo,",",chr(13))
s = replaceAll(s,chr(13)+chr(10),chr(13))
for i = 1 to countFields(s,chr(13))
  Mail.addRecipient trim(nthField(s,chr(13),i))

// Send Email
eMailControl01.Messages.Append Mail


FrmPos.LabMsgText.Text="**********  No Internet **********"

End If

Looks like you’re not alone:!topic/gmail/2tK2fR7yW-k

If any other free email company like gmail

you could try to send via MBS CURL Plugin as an alternative way.

You can use an SMTP API like mailjet and others. They have free accounts for a limited amount of outgoing e-mails.